Review of the Slot Machine, “Temple Tumble 2: Dream Drop”

It’s fascinating how we might be unwaveringly dedicated to some aims or ideals one day, only to realize that we need to reevaluate them as time passes. Some people may initially be opposed to having more children on Earth, but may change their minds once they get married or after learning more about the ethics of animal rights. Software developer Relax Gaming has apparently had a change of heart, as they announced in a press statement that they have no plans to create a “classic legacy type jackpot.”

To counter this, Relax Gaming had a change of heart and created Temple Tumble 2: Dream Drop. “Hearts and thoughts they fade,” as Eddie Vedder once sang. This is the first game in their Dream Drop Jackpots series, so it’s more than simply a sequel. Five progressive prizes, each with a must-win component, are available in Dream Drop, with the greatest, the Mega, capping out at €10,000,000. Additional features in Temple Tumble 2 include tumbles and a choice of three free spin bonus rounds.

An opening scene suggests that the adventurers’ pair that was split up in Cluster Tumble has reunited and is on its way to the next exciting adventure. Their final goal is a massive Egyptian-style stone building in the middle of the desert, into which the game’s 6×6 grid has been squished. Even though the visuals are top-notch, Cluster Tumble and Temple Tumble Megaways are more visually arresting because of the couple’s dramatic stances and victory celebrations in the corner of the screen.

Each reel can have between one and six active symbols when you hit the play button. As a result, there are now a maximum of 46,656 possible ways to win. The numbers are important in this game, and they’re not only the prize amounts that make for good reading. The Return to Player (RTP) is 94.8 percent, 12 percent goes to the Jackpot Contribution, and the Volatility is 4.0. The game may be played on any device with stakes ranging from 20 p/c to £/€100, with the probability of winning the jackpot increasing with the size of the wager.

When landing from the left, 3-6 matching symbols will result in a regular win and set off a cascade. The J through A tiles are the lowest paying, paying out 0.2 times the wager for a full house, while the three jewel symbols, skulls, and snakes pay between 0.3 and 1 times the wager for a full house. Both heroes have their own unique wild symbol, which serves the same purpose by standing in for standard reward tiles.

Features of the Slot Machine, Temple Tumble 2: Dream Drop

Three to twenty-four of the symbols that fall into place at the beginning of each spin are worthless cubes. When a winning combination is eliminated from the board, all nearby blocks, whether they be vertically or horizontally, are also removed via the cascade function. If you manage to clear the board in one go, you’ll get 6 more spins. If every block and symbol is eliminated during the feature, an additional three spins will be added to the total. Players have their choice of three different game types for the bonus round:

Win Multipliers Are Boosted When You Destroy Multiplier Blocks, Which Range in Size from 1x to 3x. When demolished, spin blocks grant an extra 1, 2, or 3 spins.

When demolished, persistent wild blocks transform into wild symbols with five lives, and when hit by fire, they burst into flames. When a Fire Transform Block is used as a pay symbol, it changes the type of one of the cascading symbols to that kind.

features both Multiplier and Extra Spin blocks, as well as both Sticky Wild and Fire Transform symbols.

Jackpots in Your Sleep

A Dream Drop Jackpot Entry Spin can be won at random on any base game spin. If the gold ‘DD’ Dream Drop symbols appear on all five reels, the Jackpot bonus round will begin. This one features 5 reels of varying heights, each of which is topped with one of the Jackpot rewards. The reels are flooded with stone blocks or gold Dream Drop icons. Gold symbols are lost along with the falling blocks. The payout is given for the first reel to fill up with ‘DD’ symbols. There is the Mini, which has a seed value of €1, the Micro, €5, the Maxi, €100,000, and the Mega, which has a seed value of €500,000.

Each jackpot increases in size with each wager. There are some rewards that are a must-win. As a result, the Major prize must be given out before the pot hits €50,000, and the Mega prize must be given out before it reaches €1,000,000. The maximum amount that may be won in the Mega grows by €500,000 every time it is won, up to a maximum of €10,000,000.

The Slots’ Final Say on Temple Tumble 2: Dream Drop

When compared to Cluster Tumble’s grandiose antics, Temple Tumble 2 seems subdued. Cluster Tumble may put up ridiculously lengthy cascading chains at an unprecedented scale. We’re talking about flamboyance on par with the Can-Can at the Moulin Rouge. If you’ve ever watched one of those “big win” films, you know how long they can go on. Temple Tumble 2 isn’t so much like that. Good cascade runs are doable, but the emphasis in this game is on speed and strategy. In terms of aesthetics, it’s really decent, though maybe not as beautiful as the feasts on wheels that were Cluster Tumble and Temple Tumble Megaways. Relax has not diminished the impacts but rather redirected them.

The Dream Drop is the apparent focal point, and it was found to activate frequently throughout the testing phase. Obviously, this makes the odds of winning one of the lesser consolation prizes much higher, but you never know. Some players may need a healthy dose of optimism to get past the game’s possible flaws in order to enjoy Temple Tumble 2: Dream Drop. The visuals aren’t as good as in the first two games in the series, but the real disappointment lies in Temple Tumble 2’s numbers: after deducting 12% for the jackpots, there’s not much left over for the normal rewards. The maximum non-jackpot win is 10,045.7x the wager, which is higher than Temple Tumble Megaways but lower than Cluster Tumble. It’s not unusual for jackpot slots to have subpar payout rates, and it’s not much of a deal if the game was designed specifically for the purpose. Whether or not Relax receives backlash for integrating Dream Drop into their tried-and-true slot machines while also reducing RTPs remains to be seen. There probably won’t be many gripes, but does anyone have a Book of 87?

Still, I doubt that most people who buy lottery tickets give any thought to the likelihood of their winning. Dream Drop is all about getting that one dream drop and experiencing some thrills on the road, just like the catchy name suggests. The large rewards, alluring must-win aspect, and fun extras in Temple Tumble 2 can undoubtedly supply this.






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